Sol: Sun Clock by Juggleware
Daylight Forecaster and Solar Alarm Clock for iPhone and iPad

THE SUN is a ancient timekeeper whose cycles have governed life on earth for as long as there has been life. Before the invention of the clock, man depended on the the light and position of the sun to tell time. Some of the oldest known buildings were known to be aligned with the position of the sun at the solstice (Newgrange, for instance, in Ireland). These days, few of us are farmers or hunters -- yet we underestimate how much influence the sun still has on our lives and health.

SOL: SUN CLOCK is the Swiss army knife of sunlight tools with a design inspired by the simplicity of the sundial. Use it to plan the perfect photograph, time exercise sessions, guide natural sleep cycles, catch the sunrise and sunset, or map out the best times to go fishing.

Watch Sol: Sun Clock trailer (HD) on Vimeo. Also available on YouTube.


We developed Sol because no other app in the App Store could bring you clear information about the day's sunlight and let you set alarms that would repeat according to your schedule.

Features, Hints, and Tips


Sol is a Universal app (one app for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad) and is available on the App Store.

Suggested Uses

Great for:

Also useful for religious rites where the position of the sun is important; for example:

Feature Walk-through

Here's an in-depth video demonstrating each feature of Sol: Sun Clock with voiceover narration.

Watch Sol: Sun Clock Walkthru on Vimeo. Also available on YouTube.


The Story Behind the App

Interested why we made Sol:Sun Clock? Read Alec's entry about Sol on the dev blog.


Sol: Sun Clock was conceived and developed for Juggleware LLC by Alec Vance. Co-designed and graphics by Josh Warren. Special Thanks to John Barousse for his additional design assistance, and the beta testers and early adopters for their helpful feedback.